'Oh great, ANOTHER podcast', we get it okay, every man and his dog has started a podcast and you better believe that we're jumping on the bandwagon.

BUT WAIT, hear us out. Ours is gonna be epic, okay?!

It's not all about us (even though we are pretty awesome), every episode, your hosts, Sarah and Ellen, will be joined by some incredible people, some of whom you will certainly recognise.

Introducing you new favourite podcast: WHO I MET AT THE MARKET

We're BLESSED AF to meet some of the most incredible and inspirational people at our market events. Since we are so lucky to be in contact with so many incredible people, we decided that it was only fair to share them with the world: and BOOM, the poddy was born. We created the perfect platform in order to share the stories and words of wisdom that these beautiful people have to share.

In a world where what we’re consuming can be super overwhelming, this podcast is an escape and a safe space for lighthearted chat that leaves you feeling inspired and empowered. We want to create content aimed at our audience: people navigating their teens and early adulthood who need some good old PG, vanilla entertainment.

But don't just take our word for it, have a listen yourself! Available in your ear buds SO SOON on Spotify and Apple Music.

Be sure to follow our podcast insta at @whoimetatthemarket and DM us your ideas for guests and topics for the poddy, help a gal out!


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