We all love stalking celebs on Instagram: whether we're keeping an eye out for fashion inspo or we're just a bit nosy. But at what point does a bit of harmless scrolling become something more toxic?

Here's the tea, Sis

Recently, Kendall Jenner posted a mirror selfie of her in a red Skims bikini and it pretty much broke the internet, resulting in her ungodly long limbs and teeny tiny waist being re-posted and celebrated on each and every platform. Now, we're all for celebrating women's bodies, in fact, we actively encourage it, but where we draw the line is at comparison.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "comparison is the thief of joy?' Well, it's as true now as it ever was. 

Comparing your body to Kendall's, whilst tempting, is a total and utter waste of time. If you're finding your mind drifting to negative thoughts, such as: 'I wish I had her stomach', 'why aren't my legs as long as hers?', I'm here to give you a reality check.

Your body will never look like Kendall Jenner's.

It may sound brutal, It may sound abrupt, but it's the hard honest truth.

No two bodies in this world are exactly the same: there is no feasible way you would be able to get your body exactly like hers, not with diet, not with exercise, not with fillers, not even with surgery. 

AND THAT'S NOT A BAD THING. In fact, it's a good thing.

If everyone looked exactly the same, this world would be a bland and boring place. Your body is unique as you and that is something to be celebrated. 

Curating your feed

Now, if you're able to look at pictures like the one of Kendall and scroll past unphased, then good for you, I'm genuinely happy for you hun. But if you find yourself with a rising feeling of self hatred in your stomach, you might want to try a little something called 'curating your feed'.

That negative feeling you got when you saw the pic? Hold onto it for a moment. Get to know it, recognise it: this is going to be your guide. 

Open up your Instagram or your social media of choice and go about your usual scrolling activities, BUT, keep an internal eye out for this heart sinking feeling. When it hits, click on the account that triggered the feeling and UNFOLLOW THEM QUEEN, (trust me, Gigi Hadid's career wont collapse if you unfollow her.) Keep doing this over a matter of days, weeks and months until all of the toxic accounts have disappeared. 

Meanwhile, on the flip side, have a search for more positive content. You can do this by searching certain hashtags (#midsizefashion, #bodypositivity etc) or looking at who your fave body-positive accounts are following and giving them a follow! Any accounts that make you feel inspired or happy, give them a follow!

Social media is renowned for being a fairly negative place, but always remember that YOU ARE IN CONTROL of what you're consuming. Take ownership of the content on your feed and do not allow ridiculous body standards to plague your body image, you're way too cute for that girl xxx


Words: Ellen Walker @ellenwalker1

Image: @Kendalljenner


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