As if the album “Fine Line” wasn’t enough for us, Harry Styles wins our hearts over and over again for his effortless outfit wearing and constant reminders that he really doesn’t need to wear much at all.

“Your So Golden” 

Oh the things I would do to be sitting in that car, driving side by side with Harry Styles in them adorable lace gloves. I literally watched this whole clip and imagined he was running into me, screaming “Your so golden” .. If he didn’t steal your heart at the first look, unbuttoned white tuxedo shirt, just wait until you see him dance in his mint blazer & tartan flares. Yes its true, no one else can truly pull this off. 

If you’re daring enough: 

+ Oversized White Shirt
+ Bright Coloured Blazer 
+ Tartan Flares 
+ Pearl Necklace
+ Lace Gloves 
+ Yellow Hat 

“Watermelon Sugar” 

Remember back in May 2020 when Harry teased us with the film clip that went against all the social distancing rules we became to learn. “Dedicated to Touching” the clip is as beautiful as it should be, taking us back to sweet summery afternoons. Harry himself is dressed in a number of retro outfits, that will leave you on a “Watermelon Sugar High”. 

Retro Summer Favourites: 
+ Crochet Tank 
+ Oversized Sunglasses 
+ Striped Shorts
+ Bold Printed Shirt 
+ Floral Bucket Hat 
+ High Wasted Bikini 
+ Slice of Watermelon 

Are you too falling and falling again for each and every one of Harry Styles outfits? Me too. In this video clip, we see Harry float above his grand piano, wearing a Gucci Chiffon gown. Lilac in color it also has a dramatic train, paired with iconic Harry Styles brown trousers. Theres not much else to this outfit, which we are not complaining about, for everything that’s not there it gives us the perfect peak at his tattoos underneath.  

Give me that Drama: 
+ Chiffon Gown 
+ Brown Trousers 
+ Silver Rings 

“Treat People With Kindness” 

This film clip arrived in perfect timing, enter 2021, enter the Harry Styles outfit gods. Dancing around an Art-deco style nightclub, alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Harry wears a complete look by Gucci, with the perfect amount of rhinestones & glitter.  Of all the Vests we’ve seen Harry pull off over the years, we’ve got to say, this multicolor sequined argyle  V-Neck won our hearts. 

New Year, New Me: 
+ Embellished cropped jacket
+ White wide-leg flared Trousers 
+ Multicolor Vest 
+ Sparkly Black Bow Tie 
+ Jazz Shoes 

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Hunter Markets xx


Words by: @bridgetonewyork

Image: @harrystyles

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